Lumber & Hardwood in Yorkville

Wood loaded on trailer

We pride ourselves at Nicholson Logging & Lumber on recycling wood to make a more positive impact on the environment. We provide our customers and other companies in the surrounding area with beautiful custom woodwork from the lumber we collect from tree removals and clearance. Our services have a range of capabilities all based around the harvesting and reusing of wood, right here in Yorkville.

Nicholson Logging & Lumber

Tree Removal

Our logging services include tree removal for construction sites, renovation areas, front or backyards, business locations, and other spaces that have trees that should be removed to make room for additions. We also remove trees in order to help the growth of other plants in the surrounding vicinity, and when trees reach an older age. If these older trees were to fall on their own without our service, it could damage structures or hurt someone. Of course, we salvage any tree we remove and use it to create some of our products.

Nicholson Logging & Lumber

Flooring & Trim

The lumber we harvest can be reused and made into flooring and trim for your home or business. Our wood adds a touch of character to any establishment with its natural markings and coloring. A rustic look is achieved every time thanks to the handiwork of our skilled loggers and carpenters who put in the work to create the flooring and trim you will find at Nicholson Logging & Lumber.

Nicholson Logging & Lumber

Custom Woodwork

Our custom woodwork at Nicholson stands out from other logging and lumber companies because of the combined experience of our craftsmen. Each one has their own unique style when it comes to a range of creative projects such as custom kitchen cabinetry, shelving, desks, doors, and any other furniture item or piece that can be crafted out of wood. Since we specialize in custom work, the choice is really up to you.

Nicholson Logging & Lumber

Full Service Saw Mill

Our facility houses a full service sawmill to efficiently cut our logs into lumber to be used in different ways. This is where we create wood for our custom pieces, flooring, trim, firewood, and so on. We also utilize the saw mill to reclaim old barn beams.

Nicholson Logging & Lumber

Selling Firewood

When we have extra or scrap pieces we cannot use to build something new, we create bundles to sell at Nicholson Logging & Lumber. Some of the wood we gather from our tree removal services may also be damaged or too old to put through our saw mill – this makes wonderful firewood as well.

Nicholson Logging & Lumber

Reclaim Old Barn Beams

As previously mentioned, we reclaim old barn beams for use in mantels, aesthetic ceiling fixtures, flooring, and desks, among many other structures that you wish to add extra charm to. Reclaimed barn beams are incredibly durable and give any space a cozy, rustic feel. They even meet our high recycling standards since we are taking old materials and turning them into something brand new.

Nicholson has been providing these services and woodwork since 1986. We are dedicated to our customers and strive to create unique, wonderful pieces for their home or business. Give us a call today and discuss your project with a professional logger. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

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